The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

First of all if anybody ever stumbles across this site. I am obviously not a pro, so dont assume i know what i am talking about. What i do know is the feeling of under achieving and making excuses most of my life. I never did anything fully, i never set my self goals that seemed unreachable. But in the last year i have tried to make some changes in my life. And why is that?

Last year i turned 34. One day as i walked through the mirror i the bathroom i noticed my belly beating me in the reflection. I’ve never been obieced but that made me sad. I set out too make some changes in my life. Since november 2017 i’ve been to the gym 164 times. I feelt i gave it my all but the results when I saw the before and after pictures were pityfull. I realized i didn’t know what i was doing, so i turned to Jeff Cavaliere at Athlean X. The next 120 i will be following the Max/Size Program he disigned just for me😎.


The left is me 2 month into my training. The belly is gone and I thought everything was going my way😀. But then again look at the picture to the right almost a year later and there i am, looking like an idiot with my shaven uneven chest. You would’t know it by looking at it but i’ve been working hard to get at bigger chest. Enter Jeff Cavaliere.



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