Day 2 Leg day

My god this is already killing me. After work I went to the gym. Today was leg day. 10×10 Squats and 10×5 Deadlifts followed by two finishers, that really kills. Afterwards I nearly had to crawl down the stars in the gym. I fucking hate the person that put the weights on the first floorπŸ˜€.

After the first couple of days I have to admit something. I thought I was putting in the work in the gym prior to this. But it’s clear why I wasn’t getting the results I “Thought” I deserved. Now I see I din’t train hard enough before.




Day 1

I’ve been fearing this day all weekend. I spent the weekend doing max tests on the exercises I’m doing the next couple of weeks. This week i’m working out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some kind of test on Saturday, not looking forward till Saturday. This is written before the first workout wich focuses on hypertrophy. After the workout I will tell you if i’m going too stick with it😊.


Well i didn’t write anything yesterday as I was totally wiped out when I got home. I thought it seemed impossible too keep that intensity in the gym for three month. But I am not going too quit!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

First of all if anybody ever stumbles across this site. I am obviously not a pro, so dont assume i know what i am talking about. What i do know is the feeling of under achieving and making excuses most of my life. I never did anything fully, i never set my self goals that seemed unreachable. But in the last year i have tried to make some changes in my life. And why is that?

Last year i turned 34. One day as i walked through the mirror i the bathroom i noticed my belly beating me in the reflection. I’ve never been obieced but that made me sad. I set out too make some changes in my life. Since november 2017 i’ve been to the gym 164 times. I feelt i gave it my all but the results when I saw the before and after pictures were pityfull. I realized i didn’t know what i was doing, so i turned to Jeff Cavaliere at Athlean X. The next 120 i will be following the Max/Size Program he disigned just for me😎.


The left is me 2 month into my training. The belly is gone and I thought everything was going my wayπŸ˜€. But then again look at the picture to the right almost a year later and there i am, looking like an idiot with my shaven uneven chest. You would’t know it by looking at it but i’ve been working hard to get at bigger chest. Enter Jeff Cavaliere.